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Default Re: Too Big part 2... thats what she said...

I really like that light... enough so that I'm driving a hundred miles each way today to go to Harbor Freight in Duluth, MN. Not just for that, but it is the main reason. I think I'm going to try a Cree bulb in the 5-6 Watt range to see how bright it is. I'm going to run two sidewall generators on my new four stroke build. A six volt 3 watt one for running and brake lights and dedicate the 12 volt 6 watt one to just the headlight. I've already wired up a small battery box as backup for the smaller lights. I hope the Cree is good enough... mostly to be seen by motorists. Even if I never wired it to anything, that headlight is just cool! You did a nice job mounting it.
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