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Cool Re: my 4 stroke clutch has ground almost completely away.

I just want to give you a little tip on how not to make such a mess of your ceramic tile floor the next time you remove the gearbox from the engine.

At least put down a big sheet of cardboard or plywood underneath the bike. Do it out side, not inside and use a shop vac or an air compressor to blow the dust out, instead of making permanent ink with liquids. And finally, leave the clutch bell alone, it needs no attention. If you want to lube that bearing, a hypodermic type micro grease gun is best, or a couple (as in 1 or 2) drops of tri-flow directly into the bearing ONLY.

The only way you could have ruined the clutch pads that quickly would be soaking them with some liquid that softend and ruined the composition of the pads, making them crumble perhaps. These are not "wet" clutches....they are "dry" clutches!!!
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