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Default Re: Take a look at this, and tell me what you think

Originally Posted by bluenosegoat View Post
I couldnt say for sure what the problem is but from the color of the piston below the rings I'd say your rings are shot. I've taken my engine apart after 2,000 miles and the bottom (below the rings ) is still all nice and shinny- no blow by. How was the power? Any noticeable decrease? I would think with bad rings power would be down due to loss in compression. Just a thought. I would ask Norm but since you have her torn down a new set of rings i would think is a must!
what about the piston? shall i keep it or get a new one?
the power was good, but i noticed that if i give it more gas, the engine kind of hesitate , i can tell from the sound of it , but it 's not dramatic.
When i rode my motorized bicycle without the exhaust, it had a lot of torque and speed, i didn't have to even pedal at red lights, this thing just picks up and go!!
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