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Default Re: my 4 stroke clutch has ground almost completely away.

I used w240 to clean out my clutch and gear box and this is what came out..
The first pic is the gearbox the second is the clutch.

Its not oil, its dw40 mixed with clutch pad dust.

Now how could this have even happened?.. On both motors too /:..

2 different reasons maybe?. gosh... ok..

I think on the original motor it got ground down because I ran it with the wheel off the ground at a high throttle for like a total of a little less than minute and it caused the clutch to get ground down a little and thus the gearbox got clogged with clutch powder, because the gearbox was clogged with clutch powder it made the gearbox harder to spin causing even more of the clutch to get worn down until it completely ate it up.

Then when i swapped the gearbox to my second engine without cleaning it, it wore this clutch down aswell.

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