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Default Re: my 4 stroke clutch has ground almost completely away.

well im running a chain not a belt, and no i'm not kidding at all sadly.

Nooo no no, I'm not riding up hills with the breaks on or anything like that at all.

Now what is strange is this happened to my last motor to before it broke from there not having enough oil in the engine, thats unrelated however and the only reason i found out about the clutch was because i took the engine apart. Then I bought another motor without a gear box and swapped it from my old motor onto my new.

Is there suppose to be any oil in the clutch or anything or some type adhesive that i missed??. I did put wd40 behind the cup on the gearbox that the clutch grabs onto using the little holes to lubricate the ball bearing witch are a little gunked up with powder from the last time the clutch got ground down on the first motor.


is it possible that the first motors clutch ground down because I was revving it with the wheel off the ground and the second one broke because it got dirty from the old gearbox being on it, old clutch powder from my other motors pads getting stuck in the new clutch?.

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