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Hello everyone,
it has been a while I haven' t posted anything, but it's never too late.
i have an OCC motorized bicycle since Jan.2010 with almost 800 miles on it so far,I have been using it to go to work and i love it.
I recently noticed that when i hit the gas, the engine starts vibrating a lot, like something is loose inside.
i was riding my motorized bicycle the other day, and suddenly the noise from the engine amplified, like as is I didn't have an exhaust pipe on it!!! i stopped to look at it and i found out that the pipe broke in half from all the vibration coming from the engine!! i had to go to work, so i rode it without a pipe, boy!!! that thing is LOUD like you can't imagine, and it got faster too!! good thing i didn't get arrested by the cops!
I could see people turning their heads TWO blocks away to see what was coming up the street!
anyway, i went home and decided to take a look at the engine to see if anything was loose inside the engine.
so far i opened up the head cylinder, the cylinder and the piston, but I didn't like the way it looked
(look at the color) and i noticed that the bottom ring is stuck , not like the top ring which spins freely, and I suspect that is what create the vibration when i try to increase the speed.
I am going to take the engine apart(first time I am doing it and hopefully it is not going to be hard to reassemble) to make sure everything is in order.
please take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think, any input is appreciated as it will help me get back on my .
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