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Talking New Guy Saying Hi :)

Hello all

New guy here, just saying Hi. Im in my 30s and currently live in Ontario, Canada. I ride an ebike but am making the change over to a real motored bicycle, heh.

So Ive been reading these forums for about a week or so, just researching and getting ready for my first build (love them btw). Ive had quite a bit of experience with 2smokers, building, rebuilding, tweaking etc.. I actually used to ride/race pocket bikes, so thats where I got all my experience with these little girls. These 2smoker kits seem to be pretty well the same, minus the reeds.

Anyway, Ive started my first motorized bicycle build and, maybe sadly to some, Ive decided to go with a 4 stroke. This first build is going to be a daily driver, taking me to and from work, so I wanted something a bit more reliable and longer lasting, with minimal work. Ive also been riding a china ebike for the past few months but am donating that to the wife, not to mention I wanted something a bit faster for myself. Im using a cruiser frame and plan to turn it into somewhat of a cruiser/lowrider, with bent springer forks, disk breaks and a banana seat. Pictures will be coming soon.

Through reading the forums Ive had pretty well any question answered that I would ever ask, except for one.. I know exactly what plug I would use for a 2smoker, but have no clue what I would use for the 4.. I would like to use an NGK iridium plug, but am not sure which one would be best for this engine. I was hoping that someone would know which NGK plug would be best for a 4 stroke engine.

Anyway, thanks in advance and I hope, and plan, to be around for quite a while.


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