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Cool Another Ancient Hippy

But, my long hair never quite covered up my Redneck! My other major hobby is Cowboy Action Shooting! Real 1900's guns shooting steel reactionary targets.

I have had motorcycles since I was 14 and got straight B's on my report card. My Dad sprang for half I earned the other half of the money selling cokes in the Cotton Bowl when the Cowboys and the Texans played there.

I went through a Dirt Bike stage in my late 20's I had a Yamaha DT1 then I got serious and had a 250 Can Am TNT. My buddies had Bultacos, Pentons, etc. etc.

I have gotten a little long in the tooth and don't bounce so good so making a two stroke bikes for less than $300 intrigues me.

I have a Schwinn Badlands mountain bike my neighbor left behind. It's gonna look cool with a black engine. I have already found a black expansion chamber!

Can ya still change gears without doin' the jackshaft thang?

More later,

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