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Default Re: First build in progress!

Ok, so today, in the mail, i got my fancy-schmancy 10 dollar coaster brake arm extender. It wasn't as shiny as i thought it would be, but it sure does its job. Sweet.

I didnt take any pictures of it before I installed it, cause I just wanted to ride the damn thing.

I thought it would be easier to get the alignment right if I put the axle all the way back in the dropouts, tightened it up, and then put the chains on to match.

I need a chainbreaker for sure.

The problem here is that the brake arm isnt long enough to reach the mount if the axle is all the way back.

So... I think I'm going to mount the brake arm as far back as it can go, tighten the axle there, and then size the chains to that...

I'm not sure about a #415 half-link... I kindof like the engine mount shim concept... not sure yet.

But anyway, I just used a hose clamp so I could ride it around pedal power and get stoked on it again, cause it was up on the jackstand for a few days...

So I rode it around a little bit.

As soon as I get the chain on, I think it'll be almost time to fire it up!

I cut the clutch cable alittle short and it kept grabbing my pants and scratching my leg. simple solution.


My dremel skills are not so sharp...

But the chain guard will cover most of the ugliness.


As of right now.

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