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Originally Posted by Nougat View Post
Oh, I know I'm not a creeper, but I live in the world of panicky suburban housewives, where the default judgment about men is "dangerous to women and children."
Didn't mean to call you paranoid either, but I know what you mean. Our society has become so twisted that every bush hides a stalker, serial killer or pedophile. My job doesn't require me to wear a suit or to look presentable so out of pure lazyness I often go for long periods without shaving. LOL Anyways, a couple years back I drove a ratty and junky '66 Impala 4 door, all rusty, partly in grey primer with those loud 'redneck' cherry bombs that young boys are automatically attracted to and used to frequently pick up my son from kindergarten/grade school in the car. Although I shouldn't have, I did feel quite uncomfortable surrounded by all those kids looking at the car and asking questions. You can just imagine how a scruffy guy in an old 'perv-mobile' looked in the sea of hoity-toity soccer moms in their new minivans. Anyone seen the movie Uncle Buck? Well it was sorta like that. LOL All I needed was a "Don't laugh, your kid might be in my trunk" sticker to complete the stereotype. They probably thought I was handing out lollypops and luring their kids into the car. I got more than my share of suspicious glaring looks before the school staff and other parents finally got accustomed to the car.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.

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