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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

The rubber tubing "cap" lasted a few days, until the new 1.5 liter goped tank and cap arrived in the mail. The new cap has a plastic retainer, so that should keep from losing it.

On the goped tank, I drilled a 23/64" hole in the bottom. Then I tapped it to accept a petcock, then JB WELDED the petcock in. This allows me to drain the tank for many reasons.

To prevent passersby from messing with my tank, I drilled thru the cap and tank neck from the side. Then I tapped the hole to accept an 8mm allen-head screw. The screw prevents anyone from unscrewing my cap. Since the screw is round-headed, it makes it difficult for a prankster to remove the cap without an allen wrench.

Sooner or later, the allen screw will chew up the tank's threaded hole I made. Then I'll install a metal threaded insert, so the screw can thread into it.

I keep the allen wrench for the tank inside the soft handlebar grip.

Coincidentally, I use this same wrench to adjust/tighten my two mirrors.

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