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Default Re: Clutch STILL not working

Originally Posted by insomniacshotrods View Post
I just took alook at a new motor i have in the house,took off cover and used a wrench to move the clutch arm. All that moved was the flower nut, then i went all the way over as far as it would gently move and after about 6 times it freed the clutch pad and now works like it should.. Hope you can do same..let us know
What he said and did usually works. One of the most common misconseptions about the two stroke engine is the amount of pressure required to disengage the clutch. Many will not believe that the handlebar lever/cable will produce enough force to move the clutch actuator arm enough but it will if properly adjusted. Trust me, the handlebar lever can easily provide more pressure than you can achieve with your fingers.
Many new engines display the 'stuck clutch' problem and forcing the clutch actuator arm inward will often un-stick (free) the sticky pads. It takes a lot of hand pressure, more than many guys want to apply but you will not hurt anything by forcing the arm with hand pressure. Wrap the arm with a rag to protect your hand and go for it. You won't hurt anything and probably will free up a stuck clutch.
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