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Default Re: Lay back seatpost - with or without support?

Originally Posted by Nougat View Post
I've decided that I need a lay back seat post. Some of them have an extra support bar, and some don't. How important is that support? Take into consideration that I'm currently 210 lbs., and occasionally ride in gravel, and over rough roads. Has anyone ever unexpectedly bent an unsupported seat post?
The first lay back seat post I tried came from Spookytooth.
It had the extra support bar and it kinked like a pretzel after a few months?

I weigh about 175 lbs and was carrying a 35lb? Nirve kids chopper on my
shoulder when it started to noticeably bend.
The seat post was about 2" above the minimum insertion mark.

I have long legs and arms and really need the set back to be comfortable
so I bought another one with the brace.
This time I inserted the seat post another 1 1/2" so that the brace was
as far down as it could be.
I have put about 1700 miles on the bike and the post is starting to bend again.
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