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Originally Posted by Nougat View Post
Your mention of kids reminded me - the kids I ride by, or that ride by me in the back of their parents' cars, are always stunned and amazed. These machines are the pinnacle of a playing card in your spokes.

Because of this, I am very careful never to give them any notice, and I avoid riding by schools. I don't need someone accusing me of being a creeper.
LOL, paranoia will destroy ya!

Anyways, since I've never been in public with my motorized bicycle the weirdest question I get asked is actually by my 10 year old son. He keeps asking the same question over and over about once every week usually after coming back from a weekend at camp with his grandma that it's become sort of an inside joke: "Hey dad, did you put the motor on your bike yet?" He asks it because I got the kit just a little over a year ago and I keep tinkering with it and with the frame but I have yet to marry the two.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.
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