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Default Re: New motorized bike owner

Hit the 2-cycle forum down below for more info, but it sounds like you have a bad or misadjusted float, or a dirty needle valve. I think the float in this carb is metal, not plastic, so it's less likely to be broken (cracked). I know the NT carbs had some issues with not being put together right, specifically the jet being loose. Could be the case here, too, which would cause it to run very rich. That carb is referred to as a CNS, by the way, so when you're looking for assistance, make sure to point out that you have one of those. It's a less common carb, but it comes with the 2010 Grubee kits, so it's going to be pretty common soon enough.

In any event, too much fuel is certainly one of the easier things to deal with on these machines.
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