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Smile Re: A few questions from a new rider

Vibration: a tight motor should give your hands some numbness after a long ride, but you shouldn't feel it in your seat. Your mounts should be flush and tight, and your chain shouldn't bounce or get tight/loose. A sonny wheel or tire will cause bounce at speed, but not a banging kind.

Leave the exhaust on. Riding without will damage the motor.

Chain alignment: eyeball it from the back to ensure the sprockets are in line. If they are, get a smaller rear tire. If not, make sure the dish of your sprocket is in the right direction (if it's dished). Also make sure your tensioner is right in line. Twist the tensioner bracket if necessary.

Rattling can be the chain banging on the sprocket cover. Remove it and dremel where needed. On the right side, take the cover off and make sure nothing is rubbing it. Dab of grease between the gears, and make sure the screw in the small gear is tight while you're at it.

Oh the chain guard might rattle, too.

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