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Default Re: Motorizing My Cruiser (a story)

I found a guy in my small town who works on small engines. He removed the broken stud from the engine and helped me mount my engine correctly. I am really enjoying my motorized bicycle. It's a lot of fun to ride around and I feel a lot safer now that my motor is mounted with all 4 studs instead of just 3. My frame is permanently mangled where I hammered the tube, but the consensus is that it will hold. I went on a really long ride out in the country without any problems. I am looking forward to riding my motorized bike for a long time more to come. I am going to look into finding something to quiet the motor even more. It's kind of loud. I think my engine is starting to break in because my bike is starting to go faster than before. I think I will have the head re torqued after like 100 miles or so.

Also, I want to adjust the wires better. It seems like they included way to much wire with my kit and all of my cables are too long. I think I will get some touch up paint. Rat bars would be fun, but I think they would bring too much attention to me when I am riding around. Everybody stares at me enough as I ride around. I think the gas tank is kind of lame looking. I would like to install something less conspicuous. I really would like better handgrips but I think I am stuck with what I have for now. I might install some back pegs to put my feet on when I get into aero dynamic mode and zoom. Also, maybe a new seat post would make things more comfortable, and I have to figure out a way to make the gas stop leaking. I think the gas is leaking from like 5 different places.

Hopefully I can get some people around my neighborhood to build these things too so that we can all ride around together. But I think most people would be afraid to modify a bicycle in such a way. It's kind of a rare breed that has the inclination to do the kind of thing we are doing, but I feel quite safe on my motorized bicycle now that I am getting the hang of it, and especially now that the engine is mounted better. My only real concern is that the chain doesn't spin as smooth as it should. I don't think the back sprocket is as true as it could be. I think I will work on making it more true tonight :-/
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