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Default Re: New Ride Huffy Karaoke Rat Rod

Originally Posted by GoGetHer View Post
Yeah the ride is so much better, and you just feel cool laid back hanging on the ape bars. Not to mention the BIG vibration you feel in your hands from a MTB, leaning over on the handlebars. My hands tingle after riding my motorized MB. I first built a motorized bike with a MTB because it was a trial run and I already had an older MTB I didn't care about. Since that build went well I decided to try a cruiser bike, soooooooooo glad I did! I even build one for my wife, she just had to have one. I will post pics of her bike under a new thread titled "Green Machine"
agreed i have the same set up and i need to order those apes.. did u have to extend the lines to put those apes on? and do u have any wabble in ur rear wheel after the sprocket application? i have a 35 tooth rear from spooky tooth and im hitting about 32 right now with everything else stock.. wats ur top speed?
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