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Default Re: planing my first build

If I'm not mistaken Jim at creative eng. doesnt make that mount anymore, there were issues with a few of them breaking so he started making a different type of mounting system that he says works much better.

I'm like the rest as far as the bike is concerned, I think the Townie will be your easiest build, but you will need access to a welder or know someone that can do some metal fabricating for you most likely, I would completely remove the front sprocket shfter and the twist shifter for it as well, and if you go with a shift kit it looks like it will all work on that frame but the engine/ shift kit will mount to the seat bar upright tube and then you will need to build a front mount that will extend out to the front down tube this could be done with only 2 pieces of 1/8" thick X 1.5" X 2.0" flat bar steel and a piece of 1" square tubing, you will have to fabricate a front mount for sure on that bike because I dont think that anyone makes a front mount that will reach as far foward as that bike will require to solidly mount the front of your engine. If you dont have access to the tools or the know how to do this I would tell you to go find you a standard V frame type bike and then mounting the engine will be much easier without all the fabrication needed.

Hope this helps

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