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Wink Re: Anyone used this pipe?

Originally Posted by Kayper View Post
Ya I'm not allowed to say helyel lol, tnaks for telling me now you have tired it and with a 41 tooth 45mph? That what I'm looking for maby a dellorto carb instead though, cns seems sketchy even over stock, you have any other mods besids maby a plug and porting? What about loudness is it that pop pop pop sound or ditbike style?
Actually I've gotten better overall performance with the stock carb, as well as I got tired of the CNS continually sliding off of the manifold no matter what I did (I didn't try using set screws to hold it in place) and the manual choke lever vibrated off the handlebars one night. I did do a little skirt work to the piston and opened and matched the transfer ports in the crankcase. Also shaved a hair off of the cylinder and head to raise the compression. High octane gas and Maxima K-2 synthetic at 50:1 and that's about it. If that doesn't work for you....nuthin' will A Dellorto carb would be a good thing....up to 19mm should be fine, I wouldn't go any bigger, but you could. Good luck!
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