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Default Re: Anyone used this pipe?

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
If it's local and you can take it back no charge try it, what the heck right?

Otherwise you have lots of issues to deal with.
Naming the bike don't help much for easy answers, pics of your build with motor in do.
Not sure on used return policy but its 50 bucks right I can aways modify it to fit. My frame is as simple as **** striaght horizontal top tube 90's Iguana couldn't tell the date 1.25"? or so tubing. Wondering more about performance with such a short/non exitstant header pipe. The links provided were short and all about flange matching, easy dremel fix not to concerned on lasers and such haha.

I have no build as I mentioned trying to research and get the best parts and mods before any purchase as well as funds(yes im a broke s.o.b.). Any references as to rev peaks in these bigger engines then the big bore or 49cc pocketbike engines. Or how the header effectes tourque?

Really just looking for info on this pipe performance wise, I can make anything fit but if the SBP pipe is better for the powerband of these slightly biggier engines mid range as well as fit undermounted not top mounted(about double price with shipping tax and coverversion of currency). I might look into that or modding a pocketbike pipe. Basically it's a cheap pipe I can add material too and a bigger flange to fit the output of the engine I choose and my basic frame. Just looking for any experience or sound clips with this pipe stock see how it mounts up(the Grubee). Thanks
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