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Default Re: Insurance for bike

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
That is awesome about the DMV Lady Civl. Just shows to go ya, be good to folks and they are good to you. Also that might be a loophole for many of us. I had to register a boat and trailer but had no vins. Woman said "Must be 30 yrs old" and put the paper work threw. I love CT. Keep your motorized bicycle off the side walks and your good.

Great to see ya back around. I imagine you've been pretty busy. How is the Baby and Mom?
Hey Dan,
Sorry it took so long to reply. All is well. The baby is doing great. Momma went back to work 2 weeks ago and my father is babysitting. Can't ask for much better than that. It's so cool to watch them change everyday.
Thank you for the gift!
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