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Default Re: hello from Tempe

Originally Posted by BiMoPed View Post
Huh? is just another website for

Kings Motor Bikes
15500 Erwin Street Suite 1065
Van Nuys, CA 91411

Gas Bike
15500 Erwin Street Suite 1065
Van Nuys, CA 91411
Well pardon my mistake if you are authorized to get and sell 2010 EPA certified Chinese motors under Gasbikes authorization.

Cool, same company?
All I can go by so far is my e-mail from Don Gube himself when I asked a few months ago.

Don Grube is the US importer of these Chinese motors, and he puts his Grubee brand on them.

I was pleasantly surprised to get this reply the next morning.

Hi KC;

In 2009 EPA as you know changed the rules for 2010. In co-operation with Motorized Bicycles - Bicycle Motors - Bicycle Engine Kits - Bike Motors - Bicycle Motor Parts we were just now able to receive EPA 2010 certification. It took from Oct 2009 to April 5 2010 to get it. The USA importer must now be part of the EPA certification as well as the China factory. Starting in 45 to 60 days days we will have our first 2010 USA shipment on the water. Prices will of course climb due to EPA wanting an entirely different carb. and muffler modification with an air shield. No Hype.

GASBIKE has the USA exclusive with Skyhawk 2 cycle in 2010.

Cheers from China; Grubee Inc.
Don and Angel;
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So there you have it verbatim straight from the horses mouth and you are in there too with Kings under gasbike I guess?

Which on-line place to buy and ship the same item is the better deal to me?
If you are the same, what is the difference?
The sites sure look different. That all there is to to it?

To use an old saying from rag papers at the checkout stand 'Inquiring minds want to know' hehehe ;-}
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