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Default Re: One of the rings is broken on my bike... how do I get more power from it?

I would also like to add that when you replace the rings make sure that you look at the inside edge of the rings a nd there you will se that there is a bevel on the inside edge make sure when you put the rings on the piston that the bevel is facing up toward the head and not down or you will bind the rings against the anti rotation pin andbreak them when installing the piston back into the cylinder, the rings are designed to go only one way so make sure you install them on the piston the right way to avoid even more headaches or you could end up with a huge wreck on your hands.

Take your time and really think every move you make through, and be very gentle when installing new rings or you will break them.

Until you replace the rings and get your compression back up to where it needs to be you will not have power of any sort......this is a must do... Good Luck with your rebuild

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