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Default Re: bike with leaf blower and turbine

well ,,I got out that 70 page 15 cent notebook from X-mart today and scratched some lines on the page and I am wondering,,if a squirrel cage on a leaf blower moves air efficiently would forcing it through a narrowed furnace squirrel blower in reverse ( the blades may need reversed also,I didn't cut the furnace up yet to look)would this in effect make a torque convieter to drive the rear wheel from the furnace type sq/cage pulley ,or 2 speed belt drive transmission then on too the rear wheel ???,,,,and if a carefully built housing caught the exhaust air from the adapted furnace blower and recycled it through the leaf blower it would be a double acting air flow (pushing and pulling )similar too a closed hydrolic loupe and keep the excess blower noise confined in the recycling housing,possibly even directing the exhaust into the housing for noise suppression also, (depending on heat build up ,and a blow off flap for pressure build up),could be used w/a shift kit also
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