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Default Re: Clutch STILL not working

Try this: Put everything back together as before you started. Remove the clutch actuator cover, the one covering the chain and sprocket. There is a steel pin, or should be, protruding from the center of the sprocket. Using a soft headed, plastic, hammer or a block of wood to protect the pin, give it a couple of good solid raps with the hammer. As was said above, often the clutch pads are stuck from the factory and storage. A few solid raps on the pin will usually free the pads and allow the clutch to function properly. Get back to us with the results.
Also, I don't like to see any free play in the clutch actuator arm. I'd rather see the cable snug, and no free movement in the arm with the handlebar lever released. Set you cable adjustment to the end of free movement and fine tune from there, but start with a snug cable. Not bow string tight, but no slack.

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