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Default Re: delmar vs cranbrook

Originally Posted by Periapsiszero View Post
Those are two of the bigger issues. But beware. The brake arm is on there so tight, I had to go to my local hardware store and have them get it off. the issue you will have on this bike is that with the rubber pads and metal rings, if you tighten them properly, the force will actually keep your brake arm locked (the center wont spin) and your back wheel will just lock up. I learned this the hard way. I had to take the sprocket off and put washers on to fix this. The second issue is the bolt head will actually hit that brake arm if it is not really bent. A good 75% of the problems I have had had have been because of this. So much so i even considered buying another Delmar, installing the front wheel in the back and installing disk breaks. But alas too expensive right now.

Doable yes, just very much a pain in the arse.
what do you mean that you had to put washers on for the brake lock up problem? put the washers where?
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