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Default Re: Problems with new kit...

Ok so I got it to idle. The air fuel mix screw is the only thing I got to work with and I think changing the way I had the kill switch and cdi wires helped some how because I could not get it to idle before. I am still lacking power. It kinda jerks when I give it gas. When I brought it in I took out the plug and it was wet and black. Some of this could have been from yesterday too. Can I just clean it off or should I get another plug. I think at this point its a combo of the plug and the carb. As I said my NT carb should be here on the 8th. Til then I can't help but to fidle with it. I do computers never really worked on a motor much. Also just to be sure on my mixture, I poored 8 oz of Gum out 2 cycle oil in 1 and 1/2 Gallons of gas. I use unleaded and no anything with ethanol right? By the way thx for the wiring info!

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