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Default bigger rear sprocket question

Bought a BGF kit a month or so ago and a Manic hub adapter that came with a 40T sprocket. The bike runs great and I have had it up to 35 mph and I think it would hit 40. And that is the problem.

You can't go 10-12 mph or it bucks and lugs. 16-18 is where it levels off and smooths out. I replaced the 40T with the Chinese 44T and it helped but still is choppy at low speeds.

A buddy has the same kit and his runs smooth at 10-12 and tops out around around 25-30.

My question is, are there different ratio gears between the crank and clutch shaft?

We ride a lot of campgrounds and dirt/rough roads, so its ok to trade off top speed for some low speed power range. I want to be able to cruise smoothly at 10-12 and still be able to go 20.

I am thinking of a bigger rear sprocket but still want to be able to go low 20's but don't want to keep buying sprockets.

I am thinking of a 54T rear.

Any help??

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