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Default Re: New And Have Important Question

ok so i spent about an hour and a half getting tensioner all set and trying to get it run,no success at the running part tensioner seems to be tracking great and no problems pedaling it in neutral,but as for running, nothing i pulled the plug and its clean and stinks of fuel not soaked, i noticed the wire isnt a tight fit on the plug,i put my spark tester on and didnt see any spark at all seems like it has great compresson as it stops the bike within 10 -20 feet after letting clutch out after getting up to a good speed,the wiring i found is (white,blue and black out of the engine) (blue and black out of cdi) (yellow and black out of kill switch) he had it hooked up like this (blue out of cdi to blue out of engine) (black out of cdi to black out of engine) (yellow out of kill switch to white out of engine) and it looks like the black out of kill switch was grounded under brake this right is their any test procedures for the cdi magneto or kill switch i could try?
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