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Default Re: This MB rider is going to kill it for us!

i agree with Dave. there's a few new guys around here with no helmets, lights, no plates, and they're always running stop signs. the stop sign thing is kinda funny, because in Costa Mesa, almost every street ends up at the beach, so there's always people riding bikes there, and the local car drivers seem to have a lot more respect and patience for bikes. they almost always wave you through at 4 way stops.

when i'm pedaling, i run them all the time. if no one's coming and there's no cops around, who cares. but when i'm on my motorbike, i stop, put my foot down, and look both ways before crossing.

on my bicycle, a cop would just yell at me. with my motor, i'd get a real ticket, so i make it obvious that i'm stopping.

uh, where was i going with this?

oh, just ride safe and smart, and the cops (probably) will leave you alone. just look at how many drivers are breaking the law and acting like idiots in their cars. they haven't outlawed automobiles yet...
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