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Default Re: uh-oh with gasket maker...?

The silicone gasket will scratch of easily with your finger nails. You should have a copper or aluminum gasket there. Until you get a good gasket and make sure your exhaust flange is straight you'll get no dice.

A copper or aluminum gasket will expand correctly with the heat of the exhaust and stay sealed. Better than a paper gasket.

I use the Permatex® Ultra
Copper® High-
Temp RTV Silicone
Gasket Maker
Item # 81878
Exhaust manifolds/
headers, valve
covers, oil pans,
timing covers,
thermostat housing,

The exhaust is tough to seal with out the right gasket. The cheap china mufflers take nothing to warp the flange. Put a strait edge on it and check.

This product works perfect only when each surface is flush [not warped]. Other wise a gasket has to be used.

It takes very little of this product to do the job.

I have a carb manifold with no gasket just the said stuff never leak in 2000 miles. Something always rattles loose on a china. Having a small tube of this for a needed field repair can be nice. [when the cheezy china gaskets fall apart.]

All this being said Make better gaskets than the stock gaskets and that's a great approach.
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