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Default Re: Problems with new kit...

Originally Posted by Nougat View Post
Yeah, the Chinese manuals all say that. Supposedly it's because they use SAE30 in east Asia.

Use 24:1 for break-in, and 32:1 after that, with regular non-outboard 2cyl oil. High end synthetics can go to 100:1.
Nougat it is running better but still not the results I am looking for. I am now running 24:1 and it idles for a minute or two then dies. I still have no power at all. It seems to run best with the choke all the way down. I am doing about 5 to 6 miles per hour uphill and about 10 miles an hour on level ground. My concern is my spark plug. A friend ripped the tip off for clearance to get the motor in with out the top being pressed tightly against the top tube. Could this be my problem with power? I found a cross reference page on these forums. Is there a low profile plug I should get instead? I read another thread that recommended the champion CJ7Y for 2 stroke motors. I bought that plug but the threads on it seem to be a millimeter or two shorter then the one that came with the kit and it didn't cross reference on the site I linked to that plug, but then again the reference site does not tell if the plug is a low profile plug. I've got the Tri Spark LD Z4JC. I also ordered the NT carb for 14 bucks from thats dax for now. It should arrive on the 8th. I am also wondering if maybe its the engine tilt... Here is a pic of another mountain bike that has more of a tilt in the motor than I do.

Thanx for all of your help so far. This is my first build. I wish I would have gotten a cheaper bike xD. I plan on building another bike next summer with the experience that I have gotten from this first bike.

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