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Default Re: Problems with new kit...

Originally Posted by r00t4rd3d View Post
Maybe add another slot the same size on the opposite side. I dont have a CNS carb so Iam just guessing. A real hose clamp wouldn't hurt either.

To seal it either get a o-ring , high heat silicone or an MM intake. An MM intake with a dap of high heat silicone would be unstoppable. You could forget about it.
It's just the nylon[?] spacer allowing the slip, cutting additional slots (or bigger) will just cause the spacer to compress - breaking the aluminum carb mount, the bolt they use to compress is actually far better than the NT carb's clamp so a hose clamp would be a downgrade

It's got an "O ring" included with it to help seal between the manifold & carb already - and I'm pretty sure you'd not be able to use the MM intake with the CNS as the carb itself is much larger (bowl would prolly hit the engine)... I dunno for sure as I'm not particularly a fan of the MM intake so I've not gotten one (I make & mod my own), the reported performance increase is no doubt due to it's reduced length and straight shot... but not only is there some potential for clearance problems, but often it places the carb at an excessive angle (req major float tab compensation, could lead to fuel starvation at WOT/max RPM and/or engine relocation) and ofc it's aluminum - nessasatating far thicker walls for strength which ofc means reduced flow (the ports are already FAR larger than the stock steel intake's passage)...

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