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Default Re: How do you get the chain around the engine's sprocket?

Originally Posted by r00t4rd3d View Post
Your clutch arm should fall around this area when you have the cable tightened properly.
Jus' a quick FYI r00t, the large spring pictured is supposed to be over the cable housing where it passes near the cooling fins as jus' a heat shield (kinda ineffective & usually unnecessary), the smaller spring is included with the kit to be used as you've done - but it's completely unnecessary as the clutch has plenty enough return force.

So you can rid yourself of both if ya wish

Additionally, using the arm's position to determine correct clutch adjustment isn't very reliable as it's simply pressed onto a splined shaft - it's location varies from engine to engine, manufacturer to manufacturer, it's more than a lil random where it'll be w/a new kit lol - if you wish, you can pull the arm and relocate it on the splines for a more comfortable ride, don't want it snaggin' on the ol' pantleg an' all
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