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Default Re: Ethanol killing small engines

Originally Posted by jasonh View Post
Yes, ethanol sucks.

If you had your motor perfectly tuned, there is a chance you could now be running slightly lean. Adding ethanol to fuel just makes you get worse gas mileage. how lame is that. Might need a bit of a tune. Or, 91 could possibly help, but that's not guaranteed.
I read your reply, jumped on the bike and went straight to see Ralph the Stihl dealer over at Rainbow Crossing.

A) This Tanaka, and some Stihls, have pre-set carbs, no adjustment allowed.

B) Stihl recommends mid-grade 89 major brands


C) Guess I'll do a Pablo, get some 91, concoct some evil brew so the gallon of 87 magically becomes 89 octane.

or probably better

D) Throw the whole batch and a half into the car and start over.

The research goes on !! Thanks Pablo for the input !

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