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Default Problems with new kit...

I am having problems with my new kit. I can start it but it will not idle. I got the grubee 48 cc which I am running on a Genesis Mountain bike with 29 inch wheels. The cns carb came with both the air fuel mix screw and the idle screw glued. I got the air fuel mix screw moved but for the life of me I cannot get the idle screw to budge. I got to the point where I decided I wanted to torque the screw out and then just order a rebuild kit. The screw is brass I think and quite weak. I destroyed the screw and it still did not budge. I think that this is the reason my bike will not idle. There are a few other factors that I am considering too. I removed the tip off of my spark plug because I needed clearance from the top bike tube. The bike will run but it does not have much power and it will not idle. I dont know what to do about the idle screw now and I am desperate for some advice. I went ahead and order the nt carb from thatsdax and I should get it on the 8th. Is there a way to get that idle screw out and how would I go about adjusting the gear ratio since I have 29 inch wheels? What else can I try to get it to idle. I have adjusted the choke and currently have my air fuel mix screw at about 3 and a half rotations.
The gas mixture is 16 to 1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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