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Default Re: Hard Fall, feeling rough.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Allen, wow. So sorry to hear you are going threw this. Big time admire your attitude. Can't keep a good man down!

Scares the heel out of me when folks stop posting. Wish it was better news but real glad to hear your still kicking.

Your in our prayers. If there is any thing that can be done to help, please let us know.

Great to hear your wife is taking good care of you. Has to be really rough on her as well. They are worth their weight in gold.
Dan, I gotta say: my wife Sarah is the absolute greatest! Here she is taking care of our 3-week-old newborn Catherine, AND our three other daughters, AND me!
She's mine, I tell ya, all mine! Seriously though, we're like two halves of the same person most of the time. I'd really be lost without her.

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