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Default Re: Can this work (crank balancing sorta)

I rode about 40 miles today and it is like having a new engine. A word of caution though. The only thing I was worried about by doing this, was keeping the drill shavings out of the bottom end. I strapped the engine to the underside of a fork on a forklift, and raised it above me so that I could drill it upside down. Gravity is very helpful in this. I also sprayed white lithium grease on the crank so that it would catch any stray shavings. When I was done drilling I sprayed it with Gunk and flushed it thoroughly with a garden hose. All of this was done in the upside down position.

Next time, I will do it the right way as Foureasy does it. But keep in mind I only tried this because I could not split the cases. Glad I did it though. : )
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