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Default Re: realistic VS unrealistic goals

They should roll nice and free.
It could also just be dried grease in the motor on the shaft that goes from the drive sprocket to the clutch plate. Did you have to break your clutch free to get it working?

Also, are you sure it's the clutch?
That Moon Dog I just built didn't want to roll free but I knew it wasn't the clutch and it turned out to be a V-brake.

On another bike it was the front hub of all things.

And easy way to tell is get your drive chain sides master link to the rear sprocket and pop it out. Tie the chain up out of the way (without adjust anything like the wheel position or anything) and see how it free wheels.

If it does, time to grease that motor clutch shaft and the clutch pads.
If not, well, it is just troubleshooting the bike ;-}
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