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Default Re: realistic VS unrealistic goals

As has been suggested, you need to tighten the clutch cable. Some will tell you to allow as much as 1/8" free play in the clutch actuator arm but I disagree with that. You don't need the cable bow string tight but there should be NO lost movement at the actuator when you squeeze the handle bar lever. Adjust for no slack then use the final adjustment at the handlebar to fine tune, or increase the tension until your rear wheel spins easily with the clutch disengaged.
Some clutch levers are poorly designed and some will not allow enough tension in the locked position. If that's the case then adjust as described above but go just a tad bit tighter. If there is any sign of clutch slippage then a new handlebar lever might be in your future; preferably one with a longer lever that will decrease clutch pull pressure. Good luck. Let us know how you do.
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