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Question realistic VS unrealistic goals

As I continue this journey through the world of motorized bicycles the questions kep coming up. Will these things freewheel? I can barly roll the bike. With the clutch lever pulled to full stop there is much drag with the clutch in the pinned position there is almost no coast at all. I almost can't pedal the bike. The bike needs a litle pedal to get rolling and hits over 25 mph pretty easy. I would really like this thing to freewheel. I think the rolling resistance is way too high. The result is it is hard to start reduces top speed increases fule use. On the center stand with the clutch pulled in I can barly rotate the rear wheel. This bike always had a history of rolling free. I do understand the chain and sprockes will increase drag but I really think this is excessive. How free do yours roll? Any help? is it my clutch (I have never felt it was working right)

Jim C
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