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Wink Re: centrifugal clutch

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Just set your idle so it does not engage.
That's all you need to worry about.
Unless you want like try to pop wheelies by having to rev to half throttle before it kicks in every time these just isn't any point.

The matched motor kit with Cent is set to engage when it should.

Personally I love a manual clutch and a Jackshaft to a 3-speed hub.
I can start up with a pedal or two in low, and with 2 free-wheels (crank and hub) and only one chain when I let off the gas she drops to quite idle with no drag and will coast forever ;-}
Too actually coast, you must disengage the clutch manually, otherwise you're not coasting.

On a cent. clutch, you let off on the gas and the clutch disengages very quickly and you can coast forever....and ever. But I'm refering to my 4-stroke and it's cent. clutch set-up.

To change the RPM that a cent. clutch engages is accomplished with different tension springs. It's quite simple.
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