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Default Re: Very New Newbie from Phoenix

Originally Posted by TikiHead View Post
Well, been riding for more than a month now. chain got jammed in the frame, and I fell right on my helmeted head (I was standing still). Oh well. Only pride and right knee were injured.
...I find I can coast a great deal of the time after building speed, which is nice because motor lapses into idle mode and is super quiet.
Sweet Tiki, glad to see it worked out well for you.

I can relate to 'just falling over'. Last Friday coming home late I pulled in the driveway and went to put my right foot down but my shoelace had come untied during the ride and was caught in the pedal, so when I went to put it down didn't reach the ground, and my weight pulled me over.

I have nasty silver dollar sized wound and bruising on my knee, and a lessor wound on my right elbow.

I also know what you mean about pride.
Before I even looked at my wound I looked to see if any of my neighbors saw me hehehe.
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