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Default Re: Insurance for bike

Funny you guys mention Geico. Although I have typically nothing pleasant to say about banks or insurance companies there is always an exception to the rule and that happens to be Geico. I live in Canada but went to grad school in Indiana about 8 years ago. When I arrived in Indiana I bought a used Geo Metro to have a runabout car. Went to State Farm, Progressive an a few others for quotes. They all basically wanted me to bend over and grab my ankles. The range was $1200-$3000/yr for the same level of coverage which I considered excessive. So I finally called Geico. Unlike the others they accepted my Canadian driving record/experience and wrote the policy for $214/yr. I also had a fender-bender in my second year with them and they took care of everything and my policy didn't go up. If Geico was active in Canada I'd still be with them. A great company in my opinion.
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