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Default Re: Insurance for bike

Like someone said earlier, “Call Geico or go to Progressive online…”

I used to have Progressive and my motorbike was on the same policy as my Goldwing. It cost almost nothing to add the motorbike to the policy. Progressive recently sent me a notice that they were changing their billing policy to $75 minimum per bike. I had a Goldwing, a Riva scooter, and two mopeds insured for about $80 total. They were raising it to $300 for the four bikes. So I switched to Geico, I raised my liability coverage and kept three bikes insured for $103. I would recommend Geico.

I’m in San Luis Obispo, California and there is nothing in the vehicle code that excludes us from needing insurance. 406(b) mopeds and 407.5(a) scooters are specifically excluded from the insurance requirement. So I assumed that 406(a) mopeds (motorbikes) needed insurance. So I have insurance on my HT powered Schwinn. But the local police say no insurance needed and it is even in writing. See the link:
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