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Default Re: Insurance for bike

Originally Posted by Bob Mac 18704 View Post
I live in Pa. where these bikes are not legal for the streets. Sooo I figured I would go thru the license thing to save the inevitable court costs and fines. ...
First thing to do (before building one of these things at all) is contact your state's motor vehicle department by email and ask if a bicycle that you put a motor on can be street-legal at all. Skip asking at the local office, because the people there very likely won't know.

The different US states have different laws as to if they're legal unlicensed, legal to license, ect. Some states ban them completely, other states allow them with nothing, others are somewhere in-between and some are a gray area. Some states allow you to register them as mopeds, while other states do not--but just because you aren't required to register it doesn't mean it's legal to ride, either.

You cannot assume that just because one state does it one way, that other states will do pretty much the same.
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