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Default Re: Insurance for bike

Originally Posted by civlized View Post
Damn, catch 22. I thought I would have a problem getting mine registered, but it went pretty smooth. I told the lady at the dmv that the police told me to get a tag. She said that we would just have to get me a tag, then. I asked how we could do that with no title. She said that if it was built before '74, it doesn't need a title. I now have registration for a '72 Micargi Bike with the engine serial number as a vin. I love that dmv lady.
That sounds like crap from Allstate. Do they even ask for registration information for insurance? They don't here in Alabama, but we haven't long gotten off of horses.
That is awesome about the DMV Lady Civl. Just shows to go ya, be good to folks and they are good to you. Also that might be a loophole for many of us. I had to register a boat and trailer but had no vins. Woman said "Must be 30 yrs old" and put the paper work threw. I love CT. Keep your motorized bicycle off the side walks and your good.

Great to see ya back around. I imagine you've been pretty busy. How is the Baby and Mom?
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