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Default Re: Insurance for bike

Originally Posted by Bob Mac 18704 View Post
I live in Pa. where these bikes are not legal for the streets. Sooo I figured I would go thru the license thing to save the inevitable court costs and fines. I go to the inspection station and the guy tells me I have to have blinkers so I put them on and he inspects it. I then proceed to the notary and she tells me I need insurance. I call my insurance man and after a full day he tells me they don't insure these bikes or mopeds. Sooo, my question would be where do I get insurance for one of these. I haven't gotten to the dept. of trans yet. That's another nightmare I suppose. Thanks Bob Mac
I live in PA and am so confused with the law concerning motor assisted bicycles. I went to the local motorcycle shop and asked them how to go about getting a plate. Showed them a pic of the bike and they said it's a bicycle, you don't need a plate under 50cc. Okay. A few days later a retired State Cop stopped by my shop because he saw my bikes setting out. He has been a customer of mine for over 20 years and likes my toys. I asked him about the legality of them. He told me under 50cc it's a pedal cycle and street legal. He said he would love to have one to drive the chief of police crazy in his town. See what I mean. What really is the law. It seems it depends on where you live and who you talk to. I live in a township 5 miles out of the closest borough. I personally talked to 3 dirrerent town cops and all 3 said they are legal and they won't stop me. The oldest cop said he
thought they were neat and wouldn't mind one himself. SoI plan to ride, keep my eyes open and my
finger close to the kill switch and will pedal when necessary. Wish me luck.
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