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Default Re: Where does this piece go?, it came from the gearbox or the clutch when I opened i

You're probably thinking flat or cut washer. This is a lock washer....more specifically an internal toothed locking washer. They also come with the teeth on the outside. There are also the helical spring steel lockwashers....what most people think of as a lock washer. They look like a 1 coil spring.

It isn't a precision part by any means. It could be from one of the mounting bolts, or one of the case bolts, but there should be one for each bolt in that case. It could even be an extra that was left in the case at manufacture. In any case, it won't be a disaster if it wasn't put back in. All they are designed to to is keep the bolt from vibrating loose. If I remember my charts correctly, they score a 7 on a list of effectiveness of 1-100. 0 being nothing, and 100 being welding the part. Loctite is more like a 58 or 59. If it was a helical spring washer, it would also serve as a hardened bearing surface on a softer (ie aluminum) surface.

In any case, omitting it won't affect the operation of your gear box. You could check your other bolts for a missing washer where the other bolts doing the same thing have one. If the other bolts are the same, don't worry about it. Come to think of it, I have a gearbox like yours. I could pull it apart and see where they put the washers I guess.

Anyway, hope this helped.

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